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May 21, 2015 Exhibit Premier at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

participants made art at opening installation view at Butler University

In late March 2015, AFSC was invited to display “All of Us or None” as a part of Butler University’s Peace Week, sponsored by the Peace and Conflict Studies program. For ten days, the exhibit was displayed inside Irwin Library where thousands of students and community members pass through each week. Through a collaboration with students and faculty, a panel discussion on the exhibit’s themes of militarization of police, drone warfare and the prison industrial complex took place. Throughout the time the exhibit was displayed, viewers were invited to make their own poster response using collage materials. 


Following events in Ferguson and issues of police militarization coming to light around the country, discussions around militarism have become more prevalent in the Indianapolis community. Several professors stated that the posters gave some context for those conversations in their classrooms and provoked students to think about the dominant narrative that we need militarism to provide safe communities. The “All of Us Or None” exhibit challenges us to think about the ways we can change that narrative and provide alternative ways to make our communities safe and secure.