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In response to growing city-wide pressure, Chicagoans young and old find ways to push back against the prolific propaganda of pro-policing factions. This utilitarian piece, meant for home and shop windows, is meant to counter... read more

ARTIST : Monica Trinidad

This piece was created for the second annual Mothers in the Struggle Awards dinner hosted by Moms United Against Violence & Incarceration and Black on Both Sides, both Chicago-based organizations interrupting state violence.... read more

ARTIST : Annie Banks and Mutope Duguma

This poster is the result of a collaboration between myself and my friend and pen pal, Mutope Duguma. Mutope is a New Afrikan author and educator, currently imprisoned in the SHU (Solitary Housing Unit) at the Pelican Bay State... read more

ARTIST : Hans Heydebreck

I've always liked minimalism and visual metaphors. The United States appear to be full of contradictions: The land of unlimited possibilities, freedom being the highest goal, while at the same time an incredibly high percentage is... read more

ARTIST : Nicole Rodrigues

I use printmaking, comics, zines, and animations to narrate the social and physical effects of failed city planning and industrialization. Looking at these attempts of city renewal and revitalization emphasizes how the injustices... read more

ARTIST : Kevin Caplicki

I am a self-taught artist that uses materials that are easily accessible, with beginnings in stencil graffiti, later gravitating to other forms of printmaking due to its reproducibility and populist history. As a result of the... read more

ARTIST : Adam Void

Art Cannot Serve Two Masters I was raised without money, and continue to live without. It is with this honest perspective that I make art, both of and for those living on the margins of dominant society. As a Contemporary... read more